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When asked to name her inspiration and guiding light in office, the 51-year-old always named . Bennett, the . populist who left behind systems of dams, highways and ferries before exiting the premier’s office in 1972. Like Bennett, Clark, who spent almost her entire working life in politics, first as a party organizer, then in the elected realm, is a dynamo and a striver. Both were experts at the retail side of the game, the stuff that can’t be taught. Neither had a university degree. The $9-billion Site C mega-dam, the $-billion Massey Bridge, the promised LNG miracle, with its $130-billion in riches, were intended to be legacy projects like Bennett’s: endowments meant to endure long after Clark left office.

The stand out listings traded on the ASX captured at key moments through the day, as indicated by the time stamp in the video.

Seven weeks after she was born, Tracey woke up with a spiking fever. Her mother phoned their doctor and, as doctors did in those days, he drove straight over, medical bag in tow. It was Halloween, a detail forever seared in the Foleys’ minds. “He gave her an antibiotic,” Pauline recalls. “By the time he got back to his office, she had died.”

Geddes Axe Return Of The GodsGeddes Axe Return Of The GodsGeddes Axe Return Of The GodsGeddes Axe Return Of The Gods