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Tony, a student friend of mine, idolised David Bowie. Back in the late Sixties, before the world at large even knew who Bowie was, Tony had even met him once or twice. Bowie was living in suburban Beckenham at the time – an aspirant pop singer, dabbling in mime, kabuki, the visual arts – running an arts project, and a couple of times Tony was invited back to Bowie’s home to hang out, smoke a joint or two and talk.

The Best of David Bowie 1974/1979 is a compilation album by David Bowie released in 1998 (see 1998 in music). It follows The Best of David Bowie 1969/1974 (1997) and ...

David Bowie 1966David Bowie 1966David Bowie 1966David Bowie 1966