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FAO: Mr Traverso
On 8th June 2016, you responded to a letter from lawyers employed by Celtic shareholders, of which I am one, on the matter of processing a UEFA licence application from Rangers FC in 2011. I thank you for the reply but I am not writing about that matter but to make a general point arising from it about the lack of sporting integrity in the governance of Scottish football as a whole.
I love my football, it is that first, my club second. I played at amateur level myself for a number of years and managed two amateur clubs starting from scratch. When my family arrived and from age 10 the boys and girls followed in my football boots playing and winning trophies, managing, coaching and probably best of all making many, many friends on their travels and I am certain football played a huge part in their development as civil balanced human beings of whom I am very proud.
Those are my football loving credentials and it from that basis that I write to you.
At a Commission conducted in 2012/13 established by the then Scottish Premier League, the SFA registration officer came out with an interpretation on player eligibility after a series of improper registrations over ten years which staggered me as an ex amateur team manager. At amateur level team lines are important, they deter teams from using ineligible players, they are a deterrent in that respect.
That deterrent is significantly weakened by the decision of the Commission led by Lord Nimmo Smith based largely on the advice of the SFA Registration Officer. There are other aspects about that commission that are questionable too, but on my general theme and why I am writing to you…
It is my view that Article 12 of UEFA FFP has been ignored by Scottish football authority, to me Article 12 is fundamentally about protecting the integrity of UEFA competitions. It seems to me that since 2011/12 the last thing on the minds of our football authority is sporting integrity. I also believe that as a result they have been blind to their duties to football at all levels as cited earlier.
I appreciate national associations have some autonomy and UEFA have limits to their involvement, but surely if a national association does not have an equivalent of Article 12 in its regulations and the mechanism to see that it is observed as UEFA intend, UEFA cannot remain silent?
This is no longer a matter as raised by Celtic shareholders solicitors about the processing of the Rangers FC application for a UEFA licence, there is no need to pursue that as what took place is apparent (and if you want to see what did happen check this update to Celtic shareholders at
http:///official-update-to-res12-july-2017/ [with apologies this is not an electronic document you can click on). The matter now lies with Celtic FC.
This has now become an issue about restoring the integrity of Scottish football lost because of commercial considerations taking precedence over sporting integrity starting in 2011 in violation of UEFA Value One.
The game of football in Scotland needs help and it has to come from the outside. I am unsure of UEFA’s jurisdiction in such an important issue, but it must surely be in your particular interest to be satisfied that your rules that depend on integrity are not undermined by its lack, but more importantly to uphold values One, Four, Five and Eight (see below). Values that appear to have escaped the attention of those responsible for good governance in Scottish football.
If UEFA really care about football as the footnote on your letters say then his crie de couer to save Scottish football from itself will not fall on deaf ears. 

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Leroy Roots ShockingLeroy Roots ShockingLeroy Roots ShockingLeroy Roots Shocking