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John was the youngest son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine . Henry’s plan (1173) to assign to John, his favourite son (whom he had nicknamed Lackland), extensive lands upon his marriage with the daughter of Humbert III, count of Maurienne (Savoy), was defeated by the rebellion the proposal provoked among John’s elder brothers. Various provisions were made for him in England (1174–76), including the succession to the earldom of Gloucester. He was also granted the lordship of Ireland (1177), which he visited from April to late 1185, committing youthful political indiscretions from which he acquired a reputation for reckless irresponsibility. Henry’s continued favour to him contributed to the rebellion of his eldest surviving son, Richard I (later called Coeur de Lion), in June 1189. For obscure reasons, John deserted Henry for Richard.

The third purpose is to evaluate . foreign policies and wars from a principled perspective, one that reflects ”just war” and international humanitarian norms today.  This is a history about the United States’ role in the world, but it does not define “success” and “progress” in terms of the advancement of national power and interests, even the winning of wars.

John Holt Peace In The SunJohn Holt Peace In The SunJohn Holt Peace In The SunJohn Holt Peace In The Sun