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It all began with what the denizens of The Swamp (., Washington) are now referring to as the “Corker Kickback.”  Over the last several months Corker decided to carve out a new political future by gratuitously slamming President Trump, a man in whose rear Corker stuck his nose up to the hilt to try and gain a major appointment from the president.  Trump was having none of it and turned away Bob time and again.  Corker then launched into one of his patented snit fits and began trying to exact revenge by going after Trump every chance he got.  Hilariously, all his efforts got him were approval numbers among Tennessee Republicans that rivaled those of Hillary Clinton and the announcement he was retiring from the senate (before the voters had the opportunity to through his sorry ass out).

Richards' voice changed in his teens, and so did his interests. Around the age of 15, he got his first guitar as a present from his mother. Richards devoted much of his time to learning to play his instrument, teaching himself such songs as Elvis Presley 's "That's All Right, Mama."

Bobby Womack Tried And ConvictedBobby Womack Tried And ConvictedBobby Womack Tried And ConvictedBobby Womack Tried And Convicted