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The three-episode "Village of the Damned" airs on Investigation Discovery. A local official has called the series "sloppy sensationalism."

MacLean originally wrote the song, then called "Alone Again", in 1965 for Love's debut album . However, he did not complete it until the recording of "Forever Changes" in the summer of 1967. The song was inspired by his memory of waiting for a girlfriend, and the melody drew loosely on Prokofiev 's Lieutenant Kije Suite . [2] The essence of the song is the contrast between the positivity of the tune and the bleakness of the lyrics, with the chorus "And I will be alone again tonight, my dear" finishing with a lone acoustic guitar, closing the song with the opening melody that sounds anything but ecstatic, [3] ending with an E-minor plus 2 chord.

Damned Friday 13thDamned Friday 13thDamned Friday 13thDamned Friday 13th