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He also launched his own publishing firms, Traco Music and Specolite Music, Ascap and BMI companies. During the next four years, Wilson recorded, released and published more than 40 copyrighted compositions, including, " It Must Be Love ", by Judy Wieder & John Footman, " Stares and Whispers " by Terry McFadden and John Footman, " Star Love " by Judy Wieder and John Footman, and " You Got Me Running " by Judy Wieder and Clay Drayton. Earlier, Wilson had also tried his hand at being a recording artist himself, recording the single " Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) " for release on the Motown subsidiary label 'Soul.' [2] Supposedly 250 demo 45s were pressed, but by that time Wilson decided he would rather focus on producing and he had the demos trashed. Somehow at least two known copies survived, one of which fetched over £25,000 in May 2009. [3]

Diana Ross & the Supremes Join the Temptations marks the first on-record appearance of new Temptations lead singer Dennis Edwards , who was brought in as David Ruffin 's replacement in July 1968.

Eddie Kendricks For YouEddie Kendricks For YouEddie Kendricks For YouEddie Kendricks For You