Maggot sandwich get off the stage - Maggot Sandwich Get off the Stage (Album)- Spirit of Rock.

Terror Optics and Sheer Terror Records present the legendary hardcore punk of Maggot Sandwich with the horror drenched sounds of First Jason along with Disappointed Parents.
First Jason features Ari Lehman from the original Friday The 13th motion picture blasting punk/metal horror anthems on his electric machete. A must see for gorehounds and splatterpunks alike! Shake hands with what lurks within Crystal Lake!!!
Maggot Sandwich erupted out of Florida in the early 80's with a snotty hardcore punk style played at 100mph. The band, now based out of New Orleans, continues to gain steam and will be performing songs from their upcoming album "American Sucker" along with classics from "Get Off The Stage" and "Suckcess Pool".
DISAPpointed PARents will be kicking things off at 9pm with a stiff blast of hardcore to get your liver in order for the festivities. Formed in the early 80's, DP continues to bust out fast 80's punk with a solid current lineup consisting of members of FSUP and Donkey Puncher.
There's no cover charge, but donations are encouraged.
Show kicks off at 9pm and ends at MIDNIGHT

The overwhelming power surged through every cell of his being like hot-fired coals and he was able to sense the unrest in the Association, hear insects scuttle in the nearby grass and most importantly, sense Elsa .

The fly will lay its eggs anywhere it feels like the maggots will be safe and well-fed. This is why it’s so common to see them in old or rotting food. The maggots need to eat non-stop so the fly will always lay the eggs where there is food.

Maggot Sandwich Get Off The StageMaggot Sandwich Get Off The StageMaggot Sandwich Get Off The StageMaggot Sandwich Get Off The Stage