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Beltran's transition from center to DH has been difficult for many, and on Monday, his teammates came together to support each other and mourn the loss of a friend: Beltran's outfield glove.

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"Your Love" spoke volumes for the type of spirited rock the Outfield represented early in their career. Tony Lewis' high-pitched blare bursting from the song's opening line showed signs of a forceful, exciting English trio who saturated their guitar-guided style of music with punchy hooks and pleasing vocal harmonies. Introducing 1986's Play Deep, "Your Love" peaked at a respectable number six on Billboard's Top 40, followed but unequaled by the number 19 single "All the Love in the World" four months later. Actually, the Outfield would never match the success of their debut album single-wise, but their efforts that rounded out the '90s weren't exactly dismal either. 1989's Voices of Babylon is vocally smooth, while Diamond Days -- consisting of just guitarist John Spinks and Tony Lewis, while losing drummer Alan Jackman -- is toned down considerably but not shoddily, aimed at an older audience. "Your Love's seething chord rushes and melodious vocal structure carried over onto their next album but for only one song, the number 31 hit "Since You've Been Gone" from 1987's Bangin'. The bombastic energy harbored in "Your Love" would prove to be the Outfield's finest hour, despite further valiant attempts.

Outfield Your LoveOutfield Your LoveOutfield Your LoveOutfield Your Love