Mess its all wyrd - Vinyl: The MESS - Its All WYRD *PUNK* 7 EP Butch Vig

Liquid Greenstuff has not worked the best for me, I am actually looking into other options.  It seems when I apply it, it settles and the "crack" is still kind of visible.  If I try to do more levels it seems to build up on the sides.  Eventually it will be okay when I clean off the stuff that builds up on the sides so it is more even, but it never seems that good.  Generally if I am willing to do the work I just get millputty, get it kind of wet and slimy, and seep it into the crack and smooth off the top with my finger.  Hate doing it as it is annoying and I might waste some material mixing the two pieces together as I need very little *unless I am doing several models at once with a lot of gaps*.  So I am curious if anyone else has any tricks for this.

Mess Its All WyrdMess Its All WyrdMess Its All WyrdMess Its All Wyrd