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Ringo worked in a Kingston record shop, where he met Welton Irie , the two enjoying a long association since. He worked as an operator on the Soul Express and Rippa-Tone sound systems , before being given the chance to record in the late 1970s, and releasing his first single with "Trouble Never Set Like Rain". [1] His recordings became popular in Jamaica, with slack lyrics proving particularly popular. Two notable examples are "Two Lesbians" and "Push Lady Push". [1] In 1982, he had an international reggae hit with "Dub and Lef", which was followed by further Jamaican hits with tracks such as "Pain a Back", "Nah Fight Over Woman", and "Married for the Opportunity". He also contributed the opening track to the album Superstar Yellowman Has Arrived With Toyan in 1982. He continued to work on sound systems, Lees Unlimited and Ray Symbolic's Hi Fi , the latter touring internationally with Ringo, Squiddly Ranking , and Welton Irie. [1] [2] He contributed to some of the early live dancehall albums in 1983 and 1984. While touring the UK, he recorded a brace of singles for Fashion Records , and recorded with Sugar Minott . He continued to record until the early 1990s, sometimes credited simply as Ringo.

Ringo Woman A GinalRingo Woman A GinalRingo Woman A GinalRingo Woman A Ginal