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There is nothing else that I could find to verify that such a prophecy from before 1217 AD even existed.  It does not surprise me that people on the Internet just copy articles and do not give credit to the source, because some copy entire articles of mine without linking back to this site. What was really surprising, is that in the dozens of articles that I had read, I could only find one article that was critical of the claim.

Thanks for all the work you do keeping us informed on these issues.
I just noticed that you are not on my blogroll links. I thought you were. I will be adding your site shortly

In addition to the exhibition itself, there are scheduled talks by both Grade and Donovan, the opportunity to take a yoga class with renowned instructor Coral Brown within the exhibition, and other programs related to the piece. Visit our online calendar  for the full schedule. Use #wearethemurmur #arcticrealities on Twitter and Instagram.

So if you blew up a nuclear weapon in space or on a body without atmosphere (like say the moon) you wouldn’t get an EMP?

Mystic EMP Reality