Mongo santamaria hey lets party - Oye Como Va by Santana - Song Meanings at Songfacts

This is one of the most complex fragrances I've owned so far. Very hard to review and could result in different journeys on different skins.

You can easily tell it's very well blended, and it's many things at the same time. I mostly pick the cinnamon throughout the notes, but the opening is definetely both cinnamon and oakmoss levander so it's warm and fresh at the same time. Really never smelled such combination, and I loved it.

I can also pick the fresh mandarin orange, along with tobacco and fir. Probably getting other notes somewhere in between but it's very complex to me. The drydown is also complex. I was expecting a nice sandalwood with cinnamon leftovers but there's more in that. Something a bit fougereish and warm, you can really tell this is a powerhouse "man" fragrance.

Mongo Santamaria Hey Lets Party