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Blinko and Greville had met years prior in Langleybury Comprehensive secondary school. Greville had been playing drums since he was young, beginning lessons at the age of 10, and slowly became interested in punk rock around the time Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols by the Sex Pistols was released [2] After meeting Blinko through a mutual friend, the pair began the experimental electronic duo the Magits, formed in 1977 and dissolved around 1980. The Magits released their first and only EP, Fully Coherent , in 1979 on Blinko's newly formed Outer Himalayan Records; [3] it was the label's first release. [4] In his 2006 book The Day the Country Died: A History of Anarcho Punk 1980–1984 , punk historian Ian Glasper referred to the sound of the Magits' EP as a "meandering collection of keyboard torture". [2]

As normal, the two boys study the contents of the independent chart in Smash Hits magazine prior to the trip  and both become very excited about one record in particular:   ‘Farce’ by Rudimentary Peni . This record ticked all the boxes necessary for swift purchase – it was on crass records, they had a great name, it looked brilliant and it was only 80p.

Rudimentary Peni FarceRudimentary Peni FarceRudimentary Peni FarceRudimentary Peni Farce