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Still recording on their own Powderworks label, Midnight Oil broke through to commercial success in their native Australia with their second album, Head Injuries , which, like their debut, was a record full of tightly arranged, furiously played and sung, fast-paced rock & roll numbers. Lead singer Peter Garrett , singing angry, sometimes politically oriented (but not, at least to international listeners, entirely clear) lyrics, took a backseat to the guitar work of Jim Moginie and Martin Rotsey and especially to the driving drumming of Rob Hirst . Head Injuries was a stirring collection that served notice Midnight Oil was ready to compete beyond the borders of Australia.

Firstly, she isn’t bashing Beyoncé, she is skeptical of Beyoncé. Rightly so in my opinion; after all, Beyoncé is involved in the Midnight Oil Head Injuries Shirt , allowing her music to be part of this anti-feminist, codependent, screwed-up franchise. I’m not anti-erotica, I’m anti-abusive relationship don’t think it’s intended as a tear down of Bey — just that there are many different images that can represent feminism, and you don’t have to look one way or another to join in. I like what Beyonce is trying to do, and I love what  Knope /Poehler is doing. It’s like two different kinds of meals — both can give you what you need, just different presentations.

Midnight Oil Head InjuriesMidnight Oil Head InjuriesMidnight Oil Head InjuriesMidnight Oil Head Injuries