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Born in Schenectady , New York , to a lower-class family, only child Otto Octavius was to be raised by his overbearing mother and his abusive father . During his youth, Otto would often receive beatings at home, or school. His father would roar at Otto to use violence when dealing with bullies whilst his mother, on the other hand, always put Otto off using violence. Sometimes Otto's father would beat him during rages, earning Otto's hatred. [13]

Placed in the London Gazette 17th September 1940. On the  morning of the 18th August 1940, Lance Sergeant Button, with No 48 BD Section was ordered to continue the excavating of an unexploded bomb. Due to the time already elapsed on the excavation, Button knew that there was a strong possibility that the bomb could explode at any time. Regardless of this he continued with his section to excavate the bomb, showing great coolness. Eventually the bomb exploded, killing five members of the section, Lance Sergeant Button was thrown some distance by the explosion. Although shaken, Button gathered the rest of the section, checked that none were injured and informed the First Aid detachment, he then reported to his Section Officer. For his actions Lance Sergeant . Button was awarded the Empire Gallantry Medal, later this was exchanged for the George Cross.

Doctor Nerve Out To Bomb Fresh KingsDoctor Nerve Out To Bomb Fresh KingsDoctor Nerve Out To Bomb Fresh KingsDoctor Nerve Out To Bomb Fresh Kings