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He soon after he became a freelance assassin - a perfect career for someone who got so much pleasure from the killing of his enemies. He created his signature modus operandi of using thrown weapons during one of his first outings as a soldier - a Viet Cong fighter got the drop on him and Bullseye's weapon failed to shoot. He threw the gun instead, killing his assailant with his bayonet. [9]

The Identity of the Angels Identity For Against Heavenly guardian angels of the churches The term “angel” describes heavenly beings elsewhere in the book of Revelation. 187 The angels are charged, as individuals , with various sins. Elect angels do not sin. 188 The complexity of communication: why would the revelation be given from God to Jesus to a heavenly angel to John (a man) to another heavenly angel (the star) and then to the church? 189 Why would elect angels, known for their steadfast service and power, be said to be protected in the right hand of the Son of Man? The awards for the overcomer correspond to those promised to redeemed humans . Angels do not partake of the tree of life (Rev. 2:7 + ), cannot be imprisoned by men or killed (Rev. 2:10-11 + ), are not written in the Book of Life (Rev. 3:5 + ), nor will they reign over the nations (Rev. 2:26-27 + ; 3:21 + ). If the angel is a heavenly guardian angel, then almost all that is said of him must be strictly representative of the people within the church he guards. Human messengers from the churches 190 The term “angels” is occasionally used of human messengers. 191 Human messengers may have been sent to Patmos for the purpose of meeting with John and carrying a copy of the letter back to each church. 192 There are fewer problems attending this view. “The view that takes the angeloi as men who are representatives of the churches, but are without a unique leadership function appears to be the most probable choice, largely because objections to it are easier to answer than objections to the other . . views.” 193 Human messengers are never called “stars” (but see Gen. 37:9 cf. Rev. 12:1 + ; Dan. 12:3 + ). 194 Why would secondary human messengers be held personally responsible as individuals for the sins of the church? 195 A Human leader of the church in each city ( elder or bishop) 196 The angels are individually responsible for the spiritual welfare of the churches and are protected in the right hand of the Son of Man. 197 There is no precedent within Scripture or church history for referring to church leaders as “angels.” 198 Even apostles with great authority, such as Peter and John, refer to themselves merely as “elder” (1Pe. 5:1 ; 2Jn. 1:1 ; 3Jn. 1:1 ). 199 NT church leadership consists of a plurality of elders. 200 The individual leader could not be personally responsible for the character of the entire church. 201 Cities such as Ephesus probably had multiple house churches. 202 Personifications of the churches 203 The close identification between each “angel” and the character of the church. Christ speaks to the churches both in the singular and plural. Lack of scriptural evidence for the personification of congregations of believers. “Stars” or “angels” are not used this way anywhere else. In assigning sin to a personification, ambiguity remains as to who is truly responsible. This view would make the stars and lampstands virtually identical. 204

Tony Borders Promise To Myself Mix And MingleTony Borders Promise To Myself Mix And MingleTony Borders Promise To Myself Mix And MingleTony Borders Promise To Myself Mix And Mingle