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While he can have hardly known it at the time, with “Suspiria” Dario Argento made probably the artistic apex of the giallo movement he pioneered along with fellow Italians Mario Bava and Lucio Fulci . Retrospectively and despite coming a little after the giallo explosion of the early ’70s, this film has become the entry-level key to unlocking the whole genre, featuring its trademark lush, hyperstylized, color-saturated visuals, lashings of gore, an undercurrent of lurid female eroticism and a magnificent score —in this case provided by prog rockers Goblin who made it onto our list of Best Horror Scores of all time for this and Argento’s “ Tenebre. ” The film concerns an American ballerina ( Jessica Harper ) who transfers to a sinister German Dance Academy covertly run by a satanic coven of witches, including “ Dark Shadows ” star  Joan Bennett.  The mish-mash of languages and accents from the English, American, German and Italian cast didn’t matter much as the whole thing was post-dubbed anyway, which adds to the film’s uncanny cronkiness today. But once you become attuned to the garish unsubtlety of Argento’s work, “Suspiria” is undeniably creepy and evocative, tuning in to burgeoning female sexuailty as a metaphor for a quasi-mystical transformation process that is unknowable but also oddly beautiful without ever trying to transcend its exploitation / b-movie basis. That was a job for subsequent admirers and imitators, such as Darren Aronofsky , whose Oscar-winning “ Black Swan ” owes “Suspiria” a heavy debt.

No magic formula exists when it comes to determining what types of people become involved in cults. Three factors do; however, repeat themselves over and over in research material. The first of these three factors are human needs. Veteran cult apologetics researcher, W. Martin (1997) believes people are searching for meaning in life and their needs are threefold; spiritual, emotional and social with people seeking fulfillment of all three.

The Cult Go West Crazy Spinning CirclesThe Cult Go West Crazy Spinning CirclesThe Cult Go West Crazy Spinning CirclesThe Cult Go West Crazy Spinning Circles