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But what of the other reunion Barr had planned with her one-time TV husband John Goodman? This spring, NBC passed on the pair’s pilot Downwardly Mobile , which would have starred Barr and Goodman as characters living in a trailer park, and unfortunately, Barr won’t be shopping it elsewhere. "That’s gone. Ship’s sailed," she said. "It just wasn’t the right time, the right place, the right anything." Barr didn't sound too sad about the pass. "I trust that things happen for good," Barr said. "There’s no question I am old now and have bad hips. I don’t know if I could walk around like that again or work that hard. But it was fun making the pilot. The cool thing was working with John Goodman again. Maybe I only needed to do that one time." Sigh.

P P Arnold The First Cut Is The DeepestP P Arnold The First Cut Is The DeepestP P Arnold The First Cut Is The DeepestP P Arnold The First Cut Is The Deepest