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World War II    (• = Interactive)   The Beginning of World War II, 1939
"What now?' asked Hitler with a savage look..." Hitler's interpreter describes the reaction of the Fuhrer and his henchmen to an ultimatum from Britain and the beginning of World War II.   London Goes to War, 1939
Prime Minister Chamberlain's radio announcement of war was made at 11:15 AM - the air raid sirens began wailing at 11:27.   Blitzkrieg, 1940
"The tanks now rolled in a long column through the line of fortifications and on towards the first houses, which had been set alight by our fire." Join General Erwin Rommel as he leads his panzers into France.   Evacuation at Dunkirk, 1940
"The beach, black with men, illumined by the fires, seemed a perfect target." The British snatch a moral victory from the jaws of defeat.   France Surrenders, 1940 •
(Hitler's face) "is afire with scorn, anger, hate, revenge, triumph." The French are forced to surrender to the Germans in the same railroad car in which, 22 years earlier, they accepted the German surrender that ended World War I.   Hitler Tours Paris, 1940
"I often considered whether we would not have to destroy Paris." Join Adolph Hitler on his whirl-wind tour of the city after the German defeat of France.   France in Defeat, 1940
"...villages are deserted, the farmsteads empty. Crops are rotting on the ground." France is stunned by its quick defeat by Germany.   The Battle of Britain, 1940
"The sky seemed full of them, packed in layers thousands of feet deep. They came on steadily, wavering up and down along the horizon. 'Oh, golly,' I thought, 'golly, golly . .' " An RAF pilot describes the air combat over London.   The London Blitz, 1940
A night bombing raid from a Londoner's perspective.   The Nazi Occupation Of Poland
A Polish physician documents the German occupation of a small Polish village.   The Siege of Leningrad, 1941-1944
"You just stepped over corpses in the street." For 900 days the German Army attempted to starve the city into submission.   Attack At Pearl Harbor, 1941.
". .a terrible explosion caused the ship to shake violently." Aboard the USS Arizona during the attack.   Attack At Pearl Harbor - the Japanese View
"Suprise attack succesful!" The leader of the air attack describes the view from his cockpit .   Attack At Pearl Harbor - the White House Reaction
"My God, there's another wave of Jap planes over Hawaii right this minute." The attack stuns the White House.   The Bataan Death March, 1942
"The bodies were left where they lay" - an eyewitness account of Japanese brutality during the forced-march of American prisoners into captivity after their surrender in the Philippines.   The Doolittle Raid, 1942
"I looked back and out I got a quick, indelible vision of one of our 500-pounders as it hit our steel-smelter target." The Americans retaliate for the attack on Pearl Harbor with a daring air raid on Japan.   The Battle of Midway, 1942
"A lookout atop the bridge yelled: 'Enemy torpedo bombers, 30 degrees to starboard, coming in low!'" The view from a Japanese aircraft carrier of 5 minutes that changed the war.   Attack on an Arctic Convoy, 1942 •
"That was hell. There is no other word I know for it." Defending a Russia-bound cargo ship during a Nazi air attack.   Reconnaissance Patrol, 1943
"No!' the woman screamed. 'No! No!" Join an American reconnaissance patrol as it searches a Sicilian village for the enemy.   Bombing Raid on Ploesti, 1943 •
"I looked out to the right for a moment and saw a sheet of raw gasoline trailing Pete's left wing." The American low-level bombing raid on the German refinery complex in Romania was one of the costliest of the war. Ride along in the cockpit of an attacking bomber.   The Bloody Battle of Tarawa, 1943
"I was scared, as I had never been scared before." The . Marines attack the Japanese on a tiny Pacific atoll in one of World War Two's costliest battles.   A Battlefield Death, 1944
"They laid him on the ground in the shadow of the stone wall alongside the road." The death of one American soldier in the hills of southern Italy symbolizes the brutal reality of war.   Shot Down Over France, 1944
Flight Officer Chuck Yeager is shot down over enemy territory and escapes capture with the help of the French Resistance.   A GI's Trip to London, 1944
Four GIs on a 2-day pass   Life and Death Aboard a B-17, 1944
"They came so close that I could see the pilots' faces, and I fired so fast that my gun jammed." The battle in the skies over Europe.

Valor Studios undertook the "Avengers of the Philippines" project thanks to the encouragement of our friend Leo Nadeau. Leo had been President Bush's gunner in WWII, before and after Bush was shot down over the island of Chichi-Jima. Before that mission, the squadron intel officer, LTJG Ted White bumped Leo from the roster and rode along in Leo's place. Both White and gunner Arm2 John Delaney would lose their lives that day. The submarine Finback would rescue Bush and return him to the USS San Jacinto, where he was reunited with Leo and assigned a new gunner, Joe Reichert. Together, they returned to action and completed their tours, culminating in the Nov. 14, 1944 mission depicted in "Avengers of the Philippines."

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